In 1930, Late  Managing Director of the Company Mohammed Hussain Sheikh started production of

Leather Sports Goods under the name of  " Challenge Sports Works "  at Mujahid Road, Sialkot. Within few years, export of   Leather Sports Goods  spread to various parts of the world. In the decade of 50's Leather Sports Goods of  "Challenge" were highly popular in Scandinavian  Countries. Although Company  has remained engaged in several Sports Goods items but main line of production and export has remained Leather Sports Goods.

              In 1968, when I took over after death of my father, I started concentrating on Sports Gloves and to achieve best possible quality a Leather Tannery was established under the name of  " M.H. Challenge Industries" in 1980.

It  was the first tannery  established in Sialkot and soon, Leather Sports Gloves of " Challenge ", Cross Country, Motorcycle and cycle Gloves got highest  appreciation of customers  from   various parts of world . Until end of decade of 80, the company had spread   its clients to about  30 Countries. In 1985 alongwith Leather Sports Gloves , production of Leather Garments  was started and  currently production of Gloves   and Garments is being carried out in two factories situated at Church Road, Sialkot. Another factory  manufacturing  exclusively Footballs, Volleyballs and Handballs is also established at  Daska Road, Sialkot.

                       Alongwith sports Gloves and Garments another section viz. Sports Wears is also running successfully.


          In the year 1996, exports of our products were made 36 Countries, yet we are endeavoring to explore further markets in the World with our strict quality control.


        Ahmad Hussain Sheikh.
        Chief Executive